The program of specialization of Saudi physicians in France is based upon the excellence of both Saudi physicians and French training. The added value of medical training in France consists in the fact that physicians can practice and receive high level teaching at the same time. Once they are training in France, Saudi physicians have the same rights and obligations as French residents, which means that their willingness to commit to the program in respect to French rules is highly expected. Under the condition that they pass the required exams, they will obtain the exact same specialization degree (French national board) as French physicians.

This program was launched in 2006, the idea was to give the opportunity to Saudi physicians holding the general board to receive specialty training in France. Once they graduate, they obtain the same degree as French residents, Diplômes d’Etudes Spécialisées (DES) and Diplômes d’Etudes Spécialisées Complémentaires (DESC). Both degrees are recognized by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

The French program is different from many others foreign programs since it implies direct contact with the patients. There are no observatory positions, Saudi physicians will learn from the beginning through theoretical courses, but mainly through practical experiences. This methodology is supposed to be highly efficient for Saudi physicians to face all kind of symptoms, diseases or particular cases when they are back in Saudi Health system.

 is direct contact with patients and the responsibilities Saudi physicians will assume within the team also implies communication skills. Without knowledge of the French language, foreign physicians cannot get benefits out of the medical training. Therefore, French language is mandatory, for Saudi physicians to be as efficient as French residents in the service. That means that before starting the medical training, physicians have to study French in a language center for one year, in order to reach a B2 level (the mandatory level for foreigners to enroll in French universities). This shall be understood as the best way to get benefits out of the medical training.


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